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Scholarship Newsletters

Each Scholarship Newsletter has a theme, listed below in bold. Feel free to share these with students, parents, and college counselors. If you have a subject you would like us to feature, please contact our editor. We welcome your suggestions.


September - 2018-19 SFF scholarship is open!

August - Back to School edition. Upcoming College Fair dates.

June - Tips for maximizing your summer for high school students

April - Record number of scholarship winners announced.

March - The Foundation announces record number of scholarship applications two consecutive years. Spring I-2 scholarship launched. Tennessee Promise expansion and more.


November - Tips for your SFF application.

October - Resources for scholarship seekers.

September - Our scholarship is open! Where are last years receipients attending college? See 'by the numbers'.

August - College Fair's in September and College Application Week in Tennessee.

July - Back to School edition. The first batch of scholarship deadlines. Featuring Tennessee Promise.

June - Access, Affordabilty and Success is this months theme.

May - Welcome to the largest class of Scarlett Scholars to date. Tips for high school students; using summer months to build your resume.

February - Foundation announces record number of applications with the addition of a STEM scholarship. Tips for preventing 'senioritis' for high school seniors.


December - Focus on the foundation deadline of Dec 15th for our scholarship.

November - SFF scholarship and a listing of other resources.

October - It's scholarship season! Check out our STEM scholarship and learn about TCASN and UBS' partnership in middle Tennessee.

September - Announcing new STEM scholarship and a new website.

August - Explore strategies for paying for college.

July - Learn tips and resources for getting ready for college. Michael Peacock interviews from Lee Gray, Director, Oasis College Connection.

June - Expore the subject of undermatching and mistakes to avoid in selecting a college to attend. Michael Peacock interviews Bob Obrohta, Executive Director, Tennessee College Access & Success Network.

April - Strategies to prevent summer melt, featuring an interview by Michael Peacock with Martha O'Bryan Center's, Kent Miller, Director of High Schools and Young Adults.

March - The importance of mentoring students and de-bunking the myth that you need to be an expert to do so. Featuring articles by Joe Scarlett and Tom Parrish.

February - The value of internships, featuring an interview by Michael Peacock with Scarlett Scholars, Daniel White and Shannon Thompson.

November - Before chosing a 4-year versus 2-year degree, start with career exploration. Featuring articles by Joe Scarlett and Michael Peacock.

October - Understanding the options for paying for college and ultimately the earning potential of various degrees versus a high school diploma.

September - The application for the SFF scholarship for business majors is officially open. Gain valuable tips for a successful application to any scholarship.

August - Introducing, the brand new Tennessee Promise scholarship providing a free 2-year degree for all high school graduates in Tennessee.

July - Our first dive into the subject of undermatching. Jenny Mills, of the Tennessee College Access and Success Network, writes about why students are not graduating from college.

June - The skyrocketing cost of college and suggestions on how to reduce the cost. Included are tips for college freshman to make their first year a success.

May - Our second in a 2-part series on summer melt, featuring an article by Michael Peacock. Tips for guidance counselors to prevent summer melt are offered.

April - Part 1 in a 2-part series on summer melt detailing an explanation of the problem and strategies for addressing it. Also featured is an article by Tom Parrish on career exploration.

March - This months theme is mentoring. Michael Peacock interviews Scarlett Scholar, Shannon Thompson, about her Personal Board of Directors. Joe Scarlett pens an article about the value of mentoring.

February - Joe Scarlett encourages students to start developing their leadership skills at a young age.

January - College scholarships are featured this month along with a spring to-do list for for high school seniors to stay organized and finish well.

December - Joe Scarlett shared executive advice for parents titled, 'coaching our kids'. Parents can have a tremendous influence on career exploration.

November - A look at soaring college costs over the past 30+ years and why students need to aggressively pursue scholarships. Tips for successful applications are included.

October - The inaugural Scholarship Newsletter.

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